DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES é is a national company that provides a personalised and independent counselling service to individuals and companies with 360º solutions in terms of buying, selling and renting real estates, as well as bank credit, insurance, refurbishing and house building.

Created in 2003, the company is the largest network of Real Estate Consulting and Credit Intermediation to operate in Portugal. We currently have a network of about 100 agencies nationwide and more than 350,000 customers distributed throughout the country.

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES is a renowned and trustworthy company with protocols and a privileged connection with major Bank and Financial Institutions as well as Insurance Companies. Its goal is to defend the interests of their clients and provide the best solutions.

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES provides to its customers a range of soundness, trustworthy and reliable services. The company is licensed by the Portugal Insurance Institute (ISP) to develop insurance mediation activities (certificate no. 2009/2919, with the registration no. 409311648/3) and the Public Market of Real Estate and Building Institute (IMPIC) to develop real estate activities (AMI [Real Estate Mediators Association] licence holder no. 9300).


DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES was born with a clearly defined mission. Our aim is to provide a real estate and financial counselling to help the Portuguese households to reduce their monthly charges and allow them to benefit from better living conditions; and also, boost a corporate project that can create many jobs.

This mission is based on a belief that the corporate structure mediation is essential to develop a sustainable society. DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES believes that only a tight link between the ability to provide a relevant service to the community, promoting the well-being of our customers, and investing in boosting career opportunities of our employees, will be able to contribute actively for this purpose.

In addition to providing a service to the market, since its founding in 2003, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has supported various associations and important causes to promote social inclusion; among them, there is Fundação do Gil and Cáritas Portuguesa.

Most recently, on 7 October 2015, DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has signed a protocol with Corações com Coroa, an association created by Catarina Furtado (Portuguese television presenter, actress and UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador). Its mission is to tackle head-on the inequality in access opportunities and gender discrimination by developing programmes and initiatives which helps to prevent domestic violence, child rape, bullying, bulimia, child abandonment, teen relationship abuse, as well as inequality in access to health care and education.

DECISÕES E SOLUÇÕES has involved their employees in numerous volunteering opportunities nationwide as part of its corporate social responsibility policies.
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